TV commercials echoing

a cry for consumerism during

a recession of pride and hope

and through it all talking boxes

resound the call to arms


Come take me and forget your worries

and lest we stand divided or united

by nightfall; hopes tattered;

          dreams battered


A mad Ahab rising in search

of a whale called America

and was left for dead by tuna hunters

on a mission of death and misery


and though the dolphins still swim

freely; dying of AIDS from

toxic hospital polluters we try

to find a cure and pray to

           Madam Curie


And the trees collapse for paper

instead of using recyclable,

        renewable hemp

that could save the environment


and yet here we go again trying

to find a way to survive in

this blood thirsty world of ours;

the days and nights scamper by

and the dreams of life

are endlessly encouraged

      by perpetual hope








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patriciajj's picture

Wow! You expressed what has

Wow! You expressed what has been boiling inside me with such intricate, ingenious wordplay and metaphors that I felt surprisingly refreshed after reading. Must read again. Brilliant. 

georgeschaefer's picture

thank you.  I greatly

thank you.  I greatly appreciate you reading and commenting on the work.

allets's picture


The many diverse adjectives ~S~


Curie ~ The Radium Queen 



georgeschaefer's picture

diversity is the spice of

diversity is the spice of life--or so they say.