There was

my one musician friend

who I used

to drink with

on a semi-regular basis


We worked a shit job

at the same place

doing packing jobs

for Desert Shield


I remember sitting

in the bar drinking

when news of the war broke


we had just shipped

missile loaders

for the Desert Shield project


“Job well done.” I mused

in sardonic tone

The beer seemed to go down

easier than usual


I got really ripped

and I felt patriotic

for an entire evening

tho I politely refrained

from croaking Scott Key’s tune


anyway, we both

managed to get better jobs

paying better money

later on down the line


one doesn’t like

to be greedy

but there are certain realities

that remain unavoidable


war and money

and love and death

and taxes and shitting

being among them


I still remember watching

the news that night

with a long lost friend


I puked in his car

and tried to sleep

with his best friend’s wife;

smoked weed with his ex-wife

and her new lover


Drinking cheap beer

in a local corner bar

rarely merits note


This is one exception




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What an artistic collection

What an artistic collection of poetic detail!  Bravo!


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thank you kindly

thank you kindly

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Detroiter Mindset

Except for the puking, none of this was all that raw. "tried" pretty much sums up sex success with wives or husbands of friend's friend's friends. 



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I was just telling a story. 

I was just telling a story.  But I'm always trying

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crusty, dusty and rusty and

crusty, dusty and rusty and even a little musty