The poetry keeps getting dirtier

as my mind retains its youthful lust

I can’t shake the obscenity

from my internal thoughts

It all goes on with sex & sex

and though I’m still desperate

(ain’t getting enough)

I write it down

the fucking and otherwise

It’s lame and predictable

It bores people to tears

but I persist in spite it all

my dirty meanderings continue

as if anyone cares

and the sheer futility

does little to deter me

It controls me

as the writing

takes a turn for the dirtier

the filth can’t stop

until my head gets itself

out of the sewer

and that might yet

be quite some time to come.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this one in the mid 90's.  Very little has changed

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I Keep Thinkin

I tell my porn wishes during surgery under anesthesia. Last time, doc said I was singing. Hey! Safe. :D



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Porn in the days of Covid-19

Porn in the days of Covid-19 seems appropos.  Just remember to keep washing your hands.