“Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!”

There are rumours

that abound about

a little unauthorized creative thinking;

better be careful, might be true

somebody is thinking for themselves

gonna rock the boat

shake up the status quo

we have an established order here

someone’s trying to write poems

and make music and movies

and all the while

we still have to make a solid buck

put on your plaid shirt

make yourself suitable

for the community

and I’m here alone

I drank too much

did too many drugs

and wouldn’t get married

& in the end

there was no end

It was all just illusion

& it all went on again

I wasn’t watching the OJ trial

& I don’t know the name

of the first player selected

in the NFL draft

I tried to let my mind soar

I think of Thoreau and Blake

and Rimbaud & Nietzsche

make brief guest appearances

and the tv is turned off

and incense is burning

There might be something new tonight

for all to see

but I get the impression

that nobody will see

which is say to say

but truthful nevertheless





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Enjoyed This Write

Great allusions! ~S~



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and delusions, too

and delusions, too