I kept wanting to

write haiku like Basho did

though I just couldn’t


and it really got

sad after quite awhile

that I wouldn’t quit


so my persistence

has its annoying side or

so I have been told


embracing nature

and seeking satori burst

of inspiration


to write haiku

early in the morning or

even late at night


all else just fell off

by the wayside into an

imagined abysss


and my purity

was tainted by raw malaise

creeping in my soul


such that I could just

pretend to be the poet

with the haiku pose


that didn’t even

fool a single idiot

stuck in here with me


the readers found out

what a sham I really am

and they weren’t happy


but alas my fate

it doth seem quite bittersweet

I think I’m better


that I shouldn’t need

to justify my action

in spite of others






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Line 29, "a sham?"  You ain't

Line 29, "a sham?"  You ain't no sham, my friend, not at all!  These are very good Senryu.


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Enjoyed Bigtimr

Healing hais - S