Perhaps we’ll pass this way again

You & I whose memories


To a long & distant past

Perchance we’ll part the shrouding mists

That hide the silenced secrets

Fare gone

With forgiveness at long last

It’s possible that happiness

Left sweet imprints on your soul

So deep

That time has healed the wound

Maybe we might suspend the pain

That replaced your gentle smile

And then

My thoughts aren’t always sound

Inspired by The Mists Of Avalon

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Beautiful and delightfully

Beautiful and delightfully melancholy! I love its suggestiveness and evocative power, the mists, and the gentle tender tone, the wistfulness. Having read Ms. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Arthurian novel (and having watched the film too), I was able to travel back in time and recreate that great story and all the wonderful imagery and deep emotions evoked by the narrative. Your poem has that quality too of evoking feelings many of us have had in real life. Thanks for sharing!

gentle's picture

Thank you for your kindness

How kind of you to drop by & take the time to enjoy this piece.
The Mists of Avalon left such an impression on me as well, that it inspired these words & as always, we do take a part of ourselves to make the words more personal.
I am so glad you found it & enjoyed it as there are many wonderful poets on this site.
Please feel free to drop by any time

Gentle is the night♥

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Better Late...

to have found you than not at all. I shall keep enjoying the "gentle" - Lady A