Good Night Elizabeth


Good night sweetest child
May your slumbers be as pure
As the light that shines
All Around you

May you dreams be wrapped
In swirls of soft colors
As kind as these words
I write for you

May the angels rain
The sweetest warm breath of love
When darkness closes
On your pillow

May velvet heavens
Open their golden doors
To release whispers
Of lullabies

Good night Elizabeth

unfinished: Dedicated to my daughter

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running_with_rabbits's picture

:( this is beautiful why is

:( this is beautiful why is it unfinsihed...also why is it you have not posted in a year?

Much Love


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Thank you Ashley

It is yet unfinished as is my relationship with my daughter.


I have not posted in a year, because I have been working many, many hours. Thank you for asking.


When I retire in the next couple of months, hopefully, the creative muse will return.


Take care & thank you for dropping by




Gentle is the night♥

running_with_rabbits's picture

:) hopefully indeed!  take

:) hopefully indeed! 

take care love

Much Love


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Beautiful, soft, ans tender!

What a beautiful, soft and tender poem! The voice builds delicate, caressing textures that evoke peace and tender feelings for the beautiful child they are addressed to. The many sibilants in the poem aid the images to evoke the loving feelings and the sweet look of a mother as she contemplates her darling daughter at night. A pleasure to read!

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Thank you for your kindness, Valhjim

It is so kind of you to drop by

Gentle is the night♥