Somebody Personified My Pen




My blue pen!

Some idiotic commercial writer

An overpaid bored dumb dude

With nothing better to do

Assigned this damn thing a name

Of all the stupid things to do

And now that it is empty

I just can’t toss it out



My stilo!

Identified it as Fredrick or Alice

Or something dull like that

As if this thing was alive

Now that Fredrick has no ink

Thanks to some silly idiot

I can’t replace him or her

Without serious guilt



My ink stick!

So with the other personified bic pals

In the drawer ‘he’ goes

Is this murder or neglect?

Damn if I know the answer

I am not going to prison

For killing my stupid pen

Thanks a whole lot people

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For all of us who just cannot stand the fact that advertisers take advantage of our empathic & sympathetic personalities to sell a product especially when it comes to children viewers.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I really liked this poem. It was creative and interesting. I'm glad you decided to share it with me.

Richard. Elliott's picture

An interesting work Ms Amy. A curious writing method with hint of rhyme and perhaps too many coffees. Tho' yes this is not your usual style. But I suppose with practice we can all swear like troopers. Crileys, I've been in West Heidelberg now for eight years and I've learnt to let 'em rip.

Thanks for posting,