The Bath


You lay me down

In the deep clean

Scented waters

Of this sweet bath

Renewing life

And the body

Allowing warmth

To soak away

The cares and pain

Outside the room

Caressing skin

Alive with love

From you to me

Moments before

So tenderly

I hear your voice

Whisper my name

I see your joy

In the glow of

The candlelight

As it shimmers

And dances bright

With cherry fire

Across the dark

Ceramic walls

And the bouquet

Of a sweet wine

Touches my lips

Savouring time

As it stands still

Only for us

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Starward's picture

In over thirty-five years of reading poetry, very few poems have had the effect upon me that this poem has had, today.


Starward's picture

This poem inspired one of my own, which I rarely follow up on, but in this case, I could resist. The poem is entitled, for the moment, "At Her Evening Bath, Erotically." I have cited your poem at the beginning of mine.


Shaketa Copelin's picture

How sensual and beautiful this piece was. I really really loved it!

Karyn Indursky's picture

I loved this write. It has a voice of it's own that makes me sit on the edge of my seat listening. There's a certain rhythm in your words that tugs at my spirit until I'm dancing to the beat, humm of your poetry. Amazing!