A Spooky Tale


The night was so dark and stormy

No mortal was abound

The faires hid beneath the sea

Asleep without a sound

The trees, they swished an eerie tune

Upon naked, wooden spines

As lupines howled at the moon

In stretched ancestral lines

Thick clouds of gray hung low and deep

The stars were mislaid in black

As winds across the lands did creep

Calling loud the name of "Jack"

The shadows watched my ev'ry move

Discerning my inner fear

They whispered "candy is our groove"

Hallowe'en is nearly here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I was a kid, this was my favorite time of year.

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Richard Elliott's picture

Oh this is a delight to read. The howling dogs, the wind, the dark sky. All told in a lovely roley-poley meter that makes the eyes dance with it on its demonish stead. And when finished all one can say is Gosh!

Thanks Amy for another of your gems.