You Were Never In Love

Love Lost

You did not cry when I held you

That night in deep desperation

As I wrapped my arms in sorrow

Around you for one more last time.

You did not sense the soul in pain

When you left fast to run to her

To make sweet love in your new bed

Warmed by your adulterous lies.

You did not see these grieving eyes

Staring softly out the window

While you stole away all the things

That once filled up our tiny home.

You did not heed the shattering

Of my heart crumbling like the glass

Of the crystal china I loved

Now so absent from dusty shelves.

You did not see me as I lay

Broken, tears soaking the empty

Quiet floor of the dark bedroom

That still held strong your lover's scent.

You did not see me lock the door

So softly, for the last moment

Fighting not to run back to you

And believe in true love again.

You, fool, did not see anything

Nor did you hear one single sound

Because you were never in love.

Unfortunately, I was.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Betrayel in any form can remain a part of our hearts forever.
It has been 7 years & I have never forgotten nor will betrayel ever be forgiven

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itsmesowhatofit's picture

Amazing and deeply profound. I know that whomever this was that hurt you is realizing now, whawt truly special woman you really are and it is his loss and your wonderful words are everyone's gain!

Shell Trees's picture

Strong words I think betrayel is one of the worse things in life you wrote well here trees..

Shaketa Copelin's picture

Man...I felt your pain on this...this was deep.

David Richardson's picture


Beautifully written with so much hurt and pain in ones heart. He is not worth it if he cannot be your best and devoted friend and lover-for life itself is way too short not to be totally loved and cherished by another. Thank you for writing this poem Amy. It must have been very painful to write this poem. Please take care and have a very beautiful and safe weekend.

Dave Richardson

Richard Elliott's picture

I saw.


Thoroughly depressing.

Beautiful work.


Karyn Indursky's picture

This reminds me of how you love someone unconditionally, but you can't make them love you back. Unrequitted love is such a shame, but there's a reason for everything. This is probably just a stepping stone in someone's life before they meant the one for them and after being through this they can fully appreciate what they've found.