All things physical should be as water,

Able to assume the shape of change

And challenge in our everyday lives,

The willingness to grow, to understand,

Or to exist within the demands of

The edicts of society, the levels

Of security or adversity -

Surviving as only mankind can do.

All things emotional should be water

Able to respond to joys and sorrows

Successes and failures, gains and losses

Minds one with the solid contours of the

Container that must be our destiny

What is our validation for the now

May not be justified for the morrow

Emerging, maturing, analyzing

A constant flux of change according to

The rigid walls of unyielding glass

But the soul, the Chi, the inner spirit

Should always be as the eddying mists

Never to be confined or held controlled -

Never limited to the Ying or Yang

Of any worldly earthbound existance,

Even down to the darkest of prisons.

Our Chi is energy that must flow free

Of the barriers that fasten us all

To truly survive this "our mortal coil".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Merely a personal philosophy that gets me through the day....

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Kristine Snow's picture

I am going to print this out....this would help most of us get through the day! Wonderfully written....super philosophy.