Passing The Time On The Train


Passing the time on the great silver train,

Listening to the whispers and voices

Of the many faceless, tired travellers,

Sharing the quiet time there and about.

Perhaps to embrace the lives of a few

Like Joseph and Margaret Kisch, so kind,

Who hail from a place called Toronto CA.,

Sharing a small meal of crackers and cheese

With the stranger they see across the aisle

Who has naught to do but silently sit

And weep with gentle tears upon her cheeks.

They can feel her tender heart has been crushed.

And she has travelled far from those she loves

To flee the harsh memories of a man

Who, with dark deceptions, destroyed her world.

They, in their ageless love for each other,

Know this to be as real as time itself

As she stares outside the window for hours,

Hearing only the clacking of the wheels,

Steel against steel, riding the endless tracks

Watching the landscape outside hasten by,

New lands, new life, new hope, maybe, for her

Outside the window where nothing seems real

Moving too swiftly to be tangible

Like the silent movies of long ago

Reeling quick, faster than real life.

These trusting people, Joe and Margaret

Did not know this simple act of kindness,

An unselfish meal of crackers and cheese

Would change the life of the lady that day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece is long overdue.When I travelled on the train to start a new life, I met these wonderful people. They knew I had nothing to eat & they fed me. When we switched trains in TO, they invited me into their home to rest until the connecting train arrived. It is unfortunate I can never thank them any other way. This is for the lovely couple who renewed my faith in life that day.

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dragonzite's picture

Wow, still after all this time. The lesson of pain lasts a long time, but remember there are those who will always love you!

Kristine Snow's picture

Hi Amy,

Some things are worth waiting for. This poem is so filled with emotion. And it is so nice to know that there are still some great people out there. How lucky you were to find two of them when you really needed to.

Now I have to ask: Did you finally sit down and write this because of your recent trip?

Really, really nice.