Through These Eyes


Through the eyes of a child,

The world is bursting with life

And the innocent hopes that

The sun will, for all time, shine

Forever, in perfect harmony,

With the heartbeat of mankind.

Through the eyes of a child,

There is never tomorrow,

Only the here, the now, of

The truth and the assurance

That follows a mother's song,

Even in the bleakest nights.

Through the eyes of a child,

Everything is alive

With arrays of colors from

Perfectly painted rainbows

In a small box of crayons

Spread out on a clean tiled floor.

Through the eyes of a child,

All things are achievable.

A butterfly's fragile wings

Can carry aloft anything,

Even the precious weight of

A thousand tender young dreams.

Through the eyes of a child,

A million promises

Will rise up strong to gather

The prospects of reality

And bake it all together

With idyllic harmony.

Through the eyes of a child,

The dragons forever guard

Fairy queens and sweet poets,

Saving imaginations,

And makers of magic,

For the worlds beyond the stars.

These, dear ones, are my eyes.

I am the heart of the child,

The humblest of all poets,

The one who still dares believe

In truth, crayons and ranbows,

In love, sweet fairies, and you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all those who ever been a part of my life.

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Kristine Snow's picture

Hi Amy,

I love the poem....we all know and understand the innocence of the child. But then we grow up and reality intrudes, and the innocence is MOST of us. I loved the end of this poem...YOUR eyes and YOUR heart accepting us with all of our myriad of foibles, flaws, and faults!

Thank you, thank you.