Love Lost

I find it ironic

That so many people

On this great planet need

To wear so many crowns

To make it through their lives.

Don't they ever deduce

That eventually

These senseless burdens will

Become mighty weighty

Or provide rise to one

Hell of a bad headache

When nothing has been won?

Poor fools must always be

In control of each breathe

And on top of all things

Everywhere they go.

They aspire to garner

All that there is to know

About you and me too,

So one fine day they can

Manipulate and use

Every sentiment

So carelessly revealed

With sweet naivety.

They can't be satisfied

Unless they dominate

Without simple concern,

Soiling dirt on a name,

Corrupting the whole game.

Or a more complex way,

Like forsaking a life

With drugs or bloody knife,

Embezzling, bullying,

Beating down the psyche.

The Chi sheds tears or dies

So slowly, painfully.

Well, why should this transpire?

Of what concern is it

To them what we achieve,

Or what we will become,

Or who we love at night?

Why do they feel that they

Have to be the power?

Are they just so frightened,

They have to annihilate

The assets that they lack,

And the absence of control

They require in themselves?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have often asked myself why others feel that they must always tell the world what to do.
*****control freaks!!! They should get a life & stop trying to rule the world....They will feel so much better when the time comes to take the final step.

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Animal Rights Coalition 9's picture

I guess my control freakery is based
on the screams of the slaughterhouse

and wanting to prevent them

thank you for your poem

A guy who doesnt write's picture

To try and gain is the psyche of many people. There is to be gained the standard of living and intelectual ability of mankind. Your poem was incredibly choppy like this. The idea of everybody getting along is very noble but impossible and so it seems a better idea to build on fundamental ideas of what is right and wrong. And by fundamental i do mean just that only the basic things.

Ugonna Wachuku's picture

A bold and courageous exploration
in human character

Real and meaningful metaphors
define the rhetorical bluntness

Yet, it is the poem's explication
of the disturbing human predicament
of senselessly controling another -
that gives the piece it aptly created

What a striking piece of human
imagery you have woven here,

A bold and courageous, hearty comment
on a disheartening human situation!


HAWK SQUAW's picture

well well well......... we see things so much alike.....

I have often thought this same thing....... WHY OH WHY...... can't you fools just leave everyone alone..... and if we make a mistake and fall on our face.... then what the hell..... did it hurt your face....... I guess not if they are so busy running everything then they will not be there when I fall.......

you have stirred up so many emotions in me with this great poem....... I just can't deal with people like this.... and god knows I have been around so many that I feel drained of my own soul at times........that is how hard I have been controlled from freaks that have lives I would not wish on my worst enemy...... oh they are my worst enemy.....

this was great...... bravo......

you know I still feel that I am only the lowly apprentice....

you go girl...... and all I have to say to those that caused such emotion in you.......

you got what you deserve........and that is great.....

your friend

Richard Elliott's picture

We have all, been here and done this but do not the lines "Manipulate and use
Every sentiment
So carelessly revealed
With sweet naivety." show the true rendition of poetry.
But alas I am sad that it has come from this. Whilst the others hide amongst the candy and sweet wishes.

A thought provoking and stirring piece.


Kristine Snow's picture

We all know people that are like this...usually more than one! Maybe one of them will read this and get a clue????

Well done!


dragonzite's picture

You manage to be open, and raw in this one. Almost showing your naked self while still fully dressed(if that makes scence). Your poem really forces one to look within to see if they are one who seeks control. thank you

Karyn Indursky's picture

This poem gives a graphic image of how someone are in our society and how it never gains them true happiness. To them it's always about how much they can get and not a single possession gives them any special meaning except that they have it when others don't. Instead of having people they care about with them they find themselves with money and objects. Maybe, one day they'll learn about having balance and the things that mean the most can't be purchased. Great write as always. Take care and God bless.