I saw the tree,

And I wanted to climb it

Through fresh green leaves,

Brushing the heart of the wren,

Higher than high -

All the way, right to the top.

I saw the rose,

And I wanted to breathe it,

So deep within -

My senses reeling with red.

Pulsing velvet

Intensify my senses,

Filling me up with great joy.

I saw the sea,

And I wanted to swim it

All the way down -

Dancing with gentle dolphins

In Atlantis.

Drinking tea with Lord Triton

Floating freely without care.

I saw the wine,

And I wanted to drink it,

Sipping slowly

To call forth all the blessings

Of Bacchanal.

Kissed by the warmth of the day

Sweet and heady with the fruit.

I saw the sky,

And I wanted to reach it,

Soar with the eagles,

Drift lazily among clouds -

Gossamer fluff.

Swinging by the polished stars -

Caress the face of Venus

I saw your love,

And I wanted to share it,

Holding you close

Protected by loving arms

Away from harm,

Safe beside me in the night

And this, for your love, I did.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another silly love song...Paul McCartney

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Thank you very much

Thank you for enjoying this piece. It is really appreciated

Gentle is the night♥

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Beautifully written with so so much love and sincere care for another.The visionary skills are once again so beautifully displayed on your shining untarnihed poetic platter-so tempting every morsal of your poetic gem. Thank you for sharing my lady-have a very beautiful day and inspiring weekend. Take care.

Dave Richardson
1/02/2004 2:40PM EST

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Great poem of yearning, desires, and conquering. You showed your zest for life and obtaining all of it's wonderful gifts. Your images were vivid as were your emotions and just when I thought it couldn't get any more perfect you proved me wrong. God bless you and take care.

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I am not going to be trite and reel off some quick lines, nor am I going to labour on about meter and form.

There is only one line that I can utter - "a stunningly beautiful piece."

Simply Superb, (Ok, that was two).


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HMMMMMMMMM! This one blew my little
mind away. What an enchanting piece
of a brilliant and bountiful ballad
you've created, Amy!

I am truely, simply enchanted by
the rhythmic movement of each stanza.
And in particular, I am inspiringly
captured by the stanza:

I saw the sky,
And I wanted to reach it,
Soar with the eagles...

And also the sea stanza is touchingly
beautiful; and all others.

I'll just have to place this poem
on a corner of my desk where I can
see it everyday. The metaphors are
strikingly disarmingly indeed.

One poem I will surely dwell
on for years to come!

What an enchantingly bountiful
poem, Amy!!

With every beautiful wish:


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as always you have such a style and rhythm with your words......

you are truly the poetess that we all wish we could be........

I am lucky to have the chance to know someone with your insights and your knowledge of right and wrong.......

this poem makes the tears come to the eyes as I read this......for at this time I am reading the most wonderful yet truly sad book..... Nicholas Sparks's The Notebook....... this sort of goes with the story in the book....... thank you as always for sharing your ability with the written words.......

we all learn each time we read your thoughtful words......

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As always your gift of words carries me out and onward. Thank you.