Endless Dreams


If I stood atop the highest mountain

And shouted my name to the wild winds

Or to the soaring eagle high overhead

Would anyone care to hear my little voice?

If I stood atop the highest mountain

And opened my soul to the land below

My thoughts, my sorrows, my deep loneliness

Would anyone take one moment to listen?

If I stood atop the highest mountain

And enlightened the wandering river

That I was once all that I claimed to be

Would the healing blue waters comfort me?

If I stood atop the highest mountain

And bowed deeply down to the ancient ground

To show my respect for Great Mother Earth

Would She know that I am her humble child?

If I stood atop the highest mountain

And wished on the brightest heavenly star

That some day love would surely come my way

Would I awaken from these endless dreams?

If I stood atop the highest mountain

And did not stop my tears from cascading

Like the rains upon the silent forests

Would you finally try to understand?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thank you Karyn, again. Your inspiration continues to keep the words flowing.

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David Richardson's picture

Beautifully scripted with intense and very powerful visualization skills.A story well told by an expert story teller who definirely has the poetic "gift". Thank you for sharing and please take care.PLEASE NEVER STOP WRITING MY LADY. Have a very beautiful and tranqual week.

Dave Richardson-poetgent

Karyn Indursky's picture

You carried your words, images, inspirations you gave to me to a whole new element with this poem. It's beautiful, inspiring, motivating, thought provoking. I love this piece very much and thank you for sharing it with not only me, but all those online blessed enough to read your wonderful poetry. God bless you.

David Richardson's picture

Beautifully written with so much love and beauty.Your descriptive skills are once again ming boggling-you have the reader thinking in every splendid twist and turn of your adventure.Your visionary skills in this sheer masterpiece are so so so intense-you have skils as a poetess Amy that few writers can ever possess!!!!Please never stop writing. Please take care and have a very beautiful and safe weekend.