Can Music be Defined

The Arts

How does one put music to word

When voices swell and rhythms fly

High in the celestial sky

Longing, searching for the lost chord?

Pursue the power, to follow,

The elation inside the soul.

Let the passion seize its control.

Release tears until they hollow.

Reach out for comfort in a note.

Let the glory of love reside.

The rage in a heart will subside.

Senses will rise, and now, to float.

Close the eyes and perceive the might

Of every phrase and stanza.

Immerse yourself in la de da.

Let the music be your sight.


Perhaps, therefore, we might explain

Beauty cast by every song,

Quintessence for the meek and strong,

Longing to hear it once again.

Amy Riberdy


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For you, Miss Hunt. I miss your patience most of all.
For Melvin Lee
And for all music teachers who really love what they do.

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Richard Elliott's picture

Oh Amy I would like to meet before the words are lost. But in reading your works my heart strengthens at the chorus.

Nice work.

Happy New Year & Cheers!


Ali Saad's picture

This was an excellent piece that I enjoyed much.
Thanks for sharing.

Karyn Indursky's picture

This certainly is a hard question to answer. Different books provide various answers. I guess it's really up the individual to decide and the teachers to correct to match their opinion. I don't know, but it had me thinking.

Richard Elliott's picture

The float of the note I'm not too sure, but the rhythm and melody (here), is one to applaud.

A good piece in it's address of friends, harmonies and endeavours.



Melvin Lee II's picture

thanxs for sharing this with me, Amy...and putting my name to mention in your Comments.
indeed, i enjoy wat i teach and am glad i found this calling.

To each his/her own...'Let the music be your sight'