So, how long has it been

Since I carried a rhyme?

What distance have I travelled

Alone, without writing?

And, how long has it been

Since precious tales have been told

Amongst my sweet, gentle poets

In my evenings of peace?

What troubles befelled me

That disrupted my stillness?

And destroyed my great treasures

In that fatal dark night?

What manner of demons

Chased my thoughts from their rhythm

To a world without comfort

Barren of imaginings

I care naught for the loss

Or the time wrapped in shadows

The great treasures ground to ash

They no longer matter

I am here once again

Amongst my sweet, gentle poets

Composing thoughts into rhyme

Bursting with imaginings

Amy Riberdy


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Kris S, Mel L, Richard E & Renee Q for keeping me always in your hearts.
I am back on line & ready to rhyme....
Thank you

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ben's picture

Wow. This actually brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful coincidence to have read this poem right now. Thanks, Amy. You have renewed inspiration me!

Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was awesome...speaking for all poets, I would say that we've all been here before! I loved this poem!

Karyn Indursky's picture

I know this feeling well. There are times when I can write and write like there's no beginning or end. Yet, there are other times when I can't even jot down one idea, thought, emotion that means anything of substance for me to mold, shape, create into a poem. I think you tackled a different task of showing some of the difficulities of being a writer/poet wonderfully. Great job, dear.

HAWK SQUAW's picture

I am so very happy to know that you are back with us full time again.......it seems like forever since I have been able to see your name in my email box...........

this is another piece of heavenly writing....... the way you make the strokes with you pen...... brings anything to life........

welcome back it has been too long........
your friend


Kristine Snow's picture


First of all, thank you so much! I am truly honored that you feel this way. It means a lot to me. I do not feel that I did anything special - just keeping in touch with a friend!

As to the poem, this is great! To take something like this and be able to turn it into such beautiful words IS something special. I particularly like the 5th stanza. Anyone would mourn over losing their belongings in such a way but you have been able to see past that and know that the most important things of all survived - you and your loved ones.

Again, thank you for including me.


Richard's picture

It is your immense heart that continues to create the hues of worlds that none would dare and others only wish.

Merry Hallelujah!


Veronica Williams's picture

This poem is full. No more words neede...no less