Love Lost


Why do these words mean nothing?

Where is the heart that once knew

These words so long before?

Will compassion breathe again

As it once did in our youth?

Or, is death the only way

Wounds will be allowed to heal?


Will selfishness be buried

Before the black dirt is thrown

Upon the pale mask of death

In that garden of gray stones

Cold as the heart that will lie

Beneath the earth for all time

Trod upon, unforgiven?


Broken wings will never heal

If your heart will not accept

That there is only one chance

To remember the sweet years.

You have opted to forget

The trust you shattered with ease

Was for your freedom alone.


Denial is the weapon

You use with little concern,

All in the name of ego,

Wounding the heart of the girl

Who once felt safe in your arms,

And still has dreams that one day

Love will heal this broken wing.


Amy Riberdy 02/28/03

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life only gives us one chance to right our wrongs. We should not let the sun set on our anger nor should we leave unfinished business for too long. By then it may well be too late.

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Shell Trees's picture

very uplifting poetry well enjoyed thankyou shell trees..

Karyn Indursky's picture

I like this poem and the format you used for it. It helps guide the readers into embracing and understanding your poem. It also takes them through a lot of processes of acceptence to move on with their lives without making them feel ignorant or inferior. Great job.

perception's picture

I realy liked this poem. and in the first portion, it's something to think about, there are many wounds that will not heal.

Kristine Snow's picture

Hi Amy,

I really enjoyed reading this one. I like how you broke this down into the sub-titled verses. Very well written poem. Insightful and TRUE.