The Simple Musings of a Poet


It is alleged that

How we will face death

Will be determined

By how we face life

Time and time again

These very same words

Have been verbalized

And written in stone

Construed by dreamers

Expressed by clerics

Proscribed by great kings

Refined by scholars

In so many tongues

In many beliefs

In many poems

In so many songs

If we share our time

With goodness and strength

Death will not be feared

But faced with courage

If we laugh freely

And cherish kindness

Love will carry us

Across the darkness

If we understand

We shall be grieved

If we grant respect

We shall be revered

If we then live life

By the bloodied sword

We shall join the sword

With blood on our grave

If we then live life

With all that is good

Death will be embraced

With eternal love.

Amy Riberdy


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life is a choice. No one is responsible for our choices, but ourselves.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I think it's wonderful you decided to write and post this poem. It makes me think about when I die, not that I haven't done that often. I don't fear death personally. I just hold on for my family and friends, who need me. If it wasn't for needing to help others and animals, I wouldn't bother being here now. I think what keeps us alive is our love for mankind because we can't always find the love for ourselves that we need to survive and that's why we give support. Thanks for getting me thinking and feeling a little more enlightened. Maybe, your poem will help others rest easier at night or in some way. One can always dream and wish...

gentle's picture

Thank you Karyn.

You are & always will be a very special lady in my life♥

Gentle is the night♥