The Phoenix Rises

Part 1:

The Destiny of the Phoenix.

The Phoenix rises

High above the burning ashes.

She leaves behind her

The last remnants of endless sleep.

The great Phoenix soars

Trailing a wake of blood red hues

And deep cinnebar

Igniting the morning sunrise.

The brave Phoenix sings

Embracing the hard winds of change

Sweetly calling out

From five hundred years of silence.

The Phoenix senses

It is now time to release

Synergy and fire

On these dark and forsaken lands.

The Phoenix carries

The great truths that man has lost.

In her heart she knows

This sacrifice is her destiny.

Part 2:

The Sacrifice of the Phoenix.


She must die to be reborn.

She must dream a million dreams.

She had to wait five hundred years

Before her fire could be unleashed.

Than, at that one perfect moment

To fulfill her sole destiny

To now awaken the goodness

In the lost children of Gaia.


Will humankind be so willing

To set aside their evil ways

Long enough to feel this rebirth

As she rises from the ashes

In all her splendour and glory

Lighting every dark corner

Of these chaotic minds and hearts?

Would they understand her beauty?


Would they look the other way

Leaving her to die one more time

For another five hundred years?

Should mankind be given a chance

To feel the rays of the Firebird,

To understand the sacrifice?

Or will the Phoenix rise again

When Gaia's children care no more?


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can you imagine if the folklore of the Phoenix was true.Would we comprehend, let alone accept this symbol of rebirth, change & truth?
Even I am not so sure, but, I would like to be given the chance to try.

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poetvg's picture

this poem is
one of my favorites to read

Richard.E.'s picture

A beautifully worded piece that calls perhaps, for the hope of the cycle of life of birth, death, rebirth and so on. It is the sorrow of the loss in death and the cleansing of the spirit in the period of transition that may give the Phoenix its dreams, sleep and power to then rise again from the ashes and rekindle the fire within. I only know briefly of the legend of the Phoenix, but I too, like many of us have had to dust off and start again.

A strong piece.