Love Lost

Tender Lady, I have watched you from this place for many a day.

You sit and stare far beyond the boundaries of the narrow river.

I see no movement other than the subtle beating of your heart.

There is no sound in your voice, yet, I hear your sigh deep from within.

Lovely Lady, what answers do you seek from those murky waters?

You rest your chin on one bent knee as the breeze cools your furrowed brow.

Is the weight of your thoughts too intense to lend your face to the sun?

Will you ever see me here beyond this hypnotic river's edge?

Lonely Lady, it is so clear from here that something is broken,

Yet, there are no dark wounds that I can see on your porcelein frame.

Tell me, dear, why are there tears in those eyes that stare beyond the shore?

I know they are there because I see rainbows on your velvet cheeks.

Lady, do I know you or are you just a shadow from a dream?

Did we once dance to the soft strains of some forgotten song of love?

Did I hear you laugh as I held your hand so tightly in my own?

Did I dry your tears as we rested here watching the river flow?

Oh my sweet Lady, what cruelty destroyed your soul so deeply?

You can see me now, but, why are you looking at me so sadly?

Let me be your lover and brush away the evils that men do.

Or, am I the one that destroyed this great Lady once long ago?

Amy Riberdy


Author's Notes/Comments: 

An ode to loneliness.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

hhmmm romantic piece... I can visualize it,,, this is what I like in your rich poetry.. well done.. like to read your whole rich poetry too... greatttt

poetvg's picture

beautiful piece

Sara Keller's picture

i've read it dozens of times. i can't peel myself away. i figured it though, i don't like it because it doesn't rhyme. how is it that someone so talented with words can not find other words as meeningful to rhyme? or is there a reason you don't rhyme? has your loneliness drained you of effort to search for synanyms?

Sara Keller's picture

i also got this as a random poem. every critique on this poem told you how wonderful it is. well, i disagree, talented yes, but i don't quite get it i guess.

Arden Alloran's picture

This poem came to me in e-mail as a random poem. I opened the e-mail, not expecting much quality. I must have read your poem a hundred times since then. My e-mail is LadyNightmare000 and I felt as if you were talking to me, as I go by the alias Lady. You captured how I feel without knowing me, a true poet writing a poem that others can relate with such eloquence in the words. Keep Writing.

Shell Trees's picture

What a lovely deep set poem i really enjoyed thankyou shell trees....

Travis Kuntz's picture

Very sweet and lovely poem! I really enjoyed it!
Great job!
Keep writing!

Andrew Britt's picture

Hello AMY ,



Danielle Heitman's picture

Wow, Amy...this poem is really, really good! I really enjoyed it a lot. It was sent to me in the "random weekly poem" e-mail and I must say it is the best one I have received thus far. Keep up the good work; you are truly talented! I would love for someone as talented as you to critique my work, so if you have the chance...check it out!

Cliff Siler's picture

This is a refreshing piece of poetry. This work put me on the bank of the river next to the lady, on the opposite bank looking at her, in the Lady's mind as her thoughts and in the atmosphere floating above watching her. I FELT sorrow not anger, longing not loneliness, hope not despair and also that she still had dreams. Absolutely marvelous. Oh yeah there is one thing, when I got to the word "lover", it was like hitting the wrong key when playing a piano or gliding on a bicycle and hitting a hole. It didn't fit or better yet, it wasn't enough WORD for this magnificent piece of life. Something more like "soulmate" to give closure to this Lady's thoughts. Lovers come and go, good and bad, but soulmate's are forever and this Lady's had dreams and thoughts of forever! Excellent write. i'd like to show this one around. Do you mind?

onelilartist's picture

What a lovely expression of loneliness. Surely we all have felt this way at some point and time. Very poignant indeed.


James Daniel Darr's picture

A very beautiful poem And a very enjoyable read. I hope to read many more of yours
James Darr Author of Poetry's New Leash On Life

Karyn Indursky's picture

This is a very lonely, tender peice of writing by you. I feel as though you're painting a picture of yourself as the woman holding in the secrets and the man is an admirer of yours too shy to speak. It makes me wonder if it's occured or if it's a dream you've felt attached to or whatever. In any case, though, it's a truly beautiful poem from the imagey to the emotions to the stroking words caressing one's soul.

Melvin Lee II's picture

A poignant feeling so deep and strong, i can almost taste it.
Powerful poem, amy...

'You rest your chin on one bent knee as the breeze cools your furrowed brow.
Is the weight of your thoughts too intense to lend your face to the sun?'

Wowow....great lines ~

HAWK SQUAW's picture

oh my........ this brought tears to my eyes........for this is so the way that I have felt for far too long.......

lonely in a room of many......... saddness so deep that it almost snuffed out my light.........

Amy...... you are such a talented poet....... I am so blessed to have you as a friend..........

this is a real winner...... sorry it has taken me so long to read.........

Kristine Snow's picture

Amy, this is such a sad poem....but yet there is something about it....you can fee the emotion, the longing, a soul reaching out. And I love how you started the verses - Lonely Lady, Lovely Lady, etc.