The Curse of the Cat People


Catus hairus

Ev'ry whereus!

Up and downus

On the terrace

It flutters east

It settles west.

No, not the cake...

I must protest!!

In the shower

Tucked in my bed

I pick and pick

Each hair I dread.

It's on the rug

That's the worst

As if you shed

At will, this curse.

What is it, cat,

Do you hate me?

I treat you right,

So let me be!!

I brush and comb

But, you just cry.

You scratch and squirm

Till I comply.

I let you be.

You think you've won.

You just wait

Till morning sun..

This must stop now!!

I'm so appalled.

Come here kitty,

Let's shave you bald!!!!   hehehhhehehheh!


where ya goin'  get back here...

here kitty, kitty...nice kitty..

No, don't jump in the jello.....

AWWWWWWW, give me a break, will ya....


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the tradition of Dr Seuss, this poem is dedicated to all cat lovers everywhere...this is my evil twin coming out again...teehee

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a.griffiths57's picture

The curse of the cat people:



This poem is so funny, it reminds me so much of my own cat. No place is safe from the hair problems, fur, and my cat will attack any dish I am preparing for myself, she is very fond of cheese. Just loved your poem.

gentle's picture

Thank you

It is so true that cat lovers would totally appreciate being owned by a cat.

Thank you so much for dropping by.



Gentle is the night♥

Kristine Snow's picture

Living with 3 of the creatures, I had to read this when I saw the title. What I find amazing is the white hairs...before we got the latest cat, who does actually have lots of white on him, we would find white cat hairs. Where did they come from? Why did only the white find its way to the dark clothing? What black hole did the other colors fall into, never to be seen again? And, now that we have a white cat, where does his fur go? of the mysteries of the universe!

Loved this!


salphire5's picture

Hilarious! A delight to read. What person owned by a feline has not suffered the hairy problems you mention? Saucy style, easy flow, wicked humour. Well done again.

Melvin Lee's picture

HAhahahhaaa.....great show here, Amy.! Utterly witty and cute ~! Coincidentally i wrote a poem last night, for the friskiness of puppies. Wanna see ~!? Smilesz.

Edwin Robinette's picture

Thanks for the great laugh! Reminds me of our cat, who gets into everything! I like this one!!!!!!

hawksquaw99's picture

I so loved this one..... I miss my cat... Uncel Pester Cat with the Pink Nose...LOL... now for the name... he reminded me of Uncle Fester off the Adams Family.... then after the second day I name him Pester... he was the most loving cat I have ever had.... he would climb up my leg into my lap... then climb up to my shoulder and try and sit there..... he would lick my face... rub on my face until I would nearly scream....LOL.. but in love not anger.... then after he hit a year old... "with the pink nose" was added.... his nose never did turn dark... it was always the brightest pink.... so one day my uncle was holding him and he said well Unlce Pester Cat with the Pink Nose....LOL.. so the name just stuck.... now he was a what I have heard called a Tux cat... he was black and white.... but he would shed so bad.... he loved to lay on my grandmothers black skirts...LOL.. she would be so made..... she did at one time threaten to shave him....LOL... I found a picture of one of those hairless cats.... I told her that would be him if she shaved him....LOL.... so she decided to not do that to him.... this one really made me think of some of the funny things that have gone on with me and my kitty cats..... I just love them.... thank you for bring this wonderful little piece into my life..... well done... well done....

Richard Elliott's picture

I hope this isn't superfluous but with a b....y beautifully humorous and well written piece as this I think you have many hidden strings to your sonata.