The Hunger


I lick his mortality indifferently

From my cold, cruel lips

Like a ravenous cat not wanting to miss

The last sweet milk that drips.

He drapes, empty, spent of all life, heavy in death

In my strong, icy arms.

His throat lay torn with crimson, final evidence

Of my vile, sunless charms.

With not a second glance, I drop him thoughtlessly

To the damp, weathered ground,

Releasing him forever from his futile humanity,

Without a care or sound.

I do not recall when this lust did choose to run

Inside my gentle mind.

My thoughts now warned that each rising sun

Is deadly for my kind.

Eternal moons electrify the pulsating rush

Of needs to quench this fire.

Sensing each woman, man and child that breathes, is meat

To satiate desire,

I curse the One who dammed my being to cold love

And immortal passion.

I stalk the night, the grim solitary huntress

With death as my mission.

I remember once so long ago, a young girl

Charged with life and power,

Surviving the world from each minute to moment

With temerity and flower,

Mocking the night for sex, music and confection,

No heed for tomorrow.

With infinite passions and promises of forever,

He pledged my soul to sorrow.

I am of the Kindred. All mankind is my wine.

My life blood is your death.

Let me lay waste your throat with a promise of love,

Till you breathe your last breath


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just exploring the darkside

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bowiegirls_eye's picture

this is great. i love poems about vampires!

Kristine Snow's picture

How did I manage to miss this one? Exploring the "Dark Side" is most definitely showing a different side of you and your writings. I don't know how a person can go from angels, to fairies, to vampires and cover them all so well.

This definitely brings the Vampire Lestat and his friends to mind.


Shaketa Copelin's picture

Wow...what a piece! I enjoyed!

perception's picture

This is a vampire right? I thought of that right away :), I'm a little obcessed with them. I liked it alot, its an interesting twist.

snmiller's picture

I did enjoy this piece very much! You captured "the beast" side of the vampire in this exceptionally well. I do adore vampires and have quite a collection of vamp lit and books. I get the feel of the "Vampire: The masquerade" here reading this poem. Lovely done and keep the monster alive!

Didi Menendez's picture

I finally got around to checking out your poems after you had critiqued one of mine and look at what I found! Exceptionally written. Didi

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Amy Very poetic piece indeed. Exploring the darkside, you say... you have captured this one good! I really like your style and your use of words. Thanks for sharing. Roz :)

Alyson Mays's picture

Wow! This is excellent. Blood lust is a dark subject, but you have done it justice. I drew parallels between this and hunting a club for some excitement. But I am young and single, so my perspective might be different from yours. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my work. I always appreciate feedback. It's nice to meet you Amy. :) aly

hawksquaw99's picture

well my friend... I would say that you did well in this dark side poem.... you capture the life of the Vampire wonderfully.... I am such a Vampire fan.... love them.... read about them... watch them in movies.... have a CD .. and yes the name of it is Blood Letting.... and it is the sort of tune that played in my head while I read this.... I love all of your work.... but now this is my favorite... you have done well..... you pass with flying colors on this one.... this is something that dear Anne Rice would be proud of.... kept me pulled in until the final line... that is just how great this was..... Your Number One Fan....of all time Renee'