Sweet Kitty Peaches


Gracefully, Softly

She pads across the carpet floor.

She absently ponders the reasons why mister sun

Glitters and sparkles on the wall and the kitchen floor.

Does he shine bright just so she alone could have some fun?

Silently, Lithely

She leaps upon the couch and chair.

The warm place left behind conforming only to her.

She looks around without a care as if if to say: "I dare

You to tell me that I must vacate, not now, nor ever."

Playfully, Sweetly

She claims wool and strings tied up above.

Should I please tell her that this world is not her domain?

As she purrs deeply on my lap, I whisper of love.

Will she hear me or care? Is it all part of her game?

Timelessly, Carefully

She follows me through life.

She was there for the joys, the sorrows and the pain.

A kitten for the children, she met me as a wife.

She lingered by my side, with not one desire for gain.

Slowing, Aging

With the passage of father time.

Never should she fear. I will be with her to the end.

The last breath that she takes will be as if it were mine.

Sweet Kitty, Peaches

Beloved old cat, my best friend.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Peaches is 20 years old & has been with me during good times & bad. She knows me better than anyone else. I will miss her when it is time for her to sleep for the last time.

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