mother night

The Plea

Mother Night, embrace me

With consummate darkness.

Wrap me in your womb of velvety illusion.

Release your compassions to a soul lost of love.

Entwined in deep shadows, trapped in ebony's caress,

No more dare I feel warmth from sweet earth and the sun,

No rainbows, no sparrows, no fair light from above.

The Vow

Mother Night, consume me

And never will I flee.

If your lips taste my throat, I know I shall fly!

I will lay waste my heart to cast blood to your moon.

The wise wolves of your forests will worship with me.

In the blink and the flash of a butterfly's eye,

My life, my soul, my mind will be in yours soon.

The Submission

Mother Night, comfort me.

Dispell the sands of time

Where no flesh of man - beast is dry - ravaged again.

Release me forever to your infinite stars.

Dark ravens, in holy choir, will sing out the rhyme

To raise your cool waters for this daughter of Cain.

Let the stars be my path and my palace, be Mars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An ode to the beauty & peace of night.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Interesting style and format. It really does wonders for your work. It may be my favorite because it supports your personality trait of being unique, free, beautiful, bold, and brilliant.

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

HI~ caught ya in post poem pond,take 2 even more beautiful (GREAT ONE) L&P

Mona Omar's picture

amy this is soooooo beautiful

James Haggerty's picture

Very nice Amy. Great title!

Tim Marshall's picture

HI,Beautiful poem + A real GEM,thank you

Meena Chopra's picture

A beautiful poem with a dream like quality.I like the power in your expression. best wishes Meena

Edwin Robinette's picture

Great imagery mind picture! I love this one! Beautiful!

J M's picture

this daughter of Cain beautiful choice of wording....

Deborah  Russell's picture

Very nicely done...a tribute to enmeshed concepts. Nice presentation and enjoyed your use of metaphores...effective! Thanks for sharing your talent... deborah

Martin Haas's picture

Very broad in its feeling of openess to what is often used in a negative way: The Night. Shows capacity for change, willingness to accept a larger design. Esp. liked the lines about worshiping with the wolves.

Roz Turner's picture

Hiya Mother night... what a wonderful subject to write about. You capture this so well with your poetic words, which is simply outstanding. Great work and such a wonderful read. Have a nice day Roz :)

cameca8's picture

Hey! Great! I've got a Mother Night, too. lol Very nice writing.

hawksquaw99's picture

your depth in this one was just wonderful... I truly liked it... mother night... what a great subject for a poem... thank you once again for sharing this one with us.... Renee'... you are amazing...

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

What a tribute to the mysterious beautiful night, Amy! I was lost in this one...

Melvin's picture

ONce again Amy...u astound me with ur superb use of words and imagery...u re really really good at conjuring up mental sceneries thru ur simple yet effective words. This can be one of the best night poems i ever read....thanxs for sharing with us Amy.... do post more! U have GREAT talents!