Fairy Dreams


I was down in the meadow pondering my mind,

When I spotted a rose petal falling behind.

I mused that the butterflies were just having fun,

Flitting and flirting under a daffodil sun.

I sat by the stream and drank tea with a dragon.

We had dream berry bread and wine by the flagon.

Up popped a Fairy King on top of a starfish.

"Fly with me, dear maiden.I'll be all that you wish."

I thanked the dear dragon and waved on with a tear.

He promised me happiness with nothing to fear.

I hopped on the starfish and cherished my lover,

Touching his pure heart and the strength of his fervor.

We rode to the meadow and lay in fresh roses.

Passions breathed kisses and the stroking of noses.

Now, musing, the bright butterflies pondered the fun,

As we flitted and flirted in daffodil sun.

Time and again, it was more pleasure than rainbow.

A laugh and a touch and a whisper would follow.

Sated, I trifled: " Lord, are you granting my wish?"

"Or, is this a sweet dream caused by riding a fish?"

"It is all that you wished for." he said with a kiss.

"Your soul so long troubled, it mislaid all of this."

Then, I awoke. The gentle dragon was weeping.

"I'm sorry, my darling, you and I were sleeping."

"Fairy Kings and starfish do not ride in this stream."

"Your lover, your heart's passions, were only a dream."

"But, I have been part of you since time has begun."

"I am real, beloved, in this daffodil sun."


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to someone I once loved for so long and so long ago.

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Cliff Siler's picture

I can't seem to get enough. It's one after another of great poetic stories. Thank you for writing this one. I enjoyed it tremendously.

poetvg's picture

i really enjoyed reading :*B .
this poem peace @ happiness :*)

Helen Schmidt's picture

Amy, I love this poem! How endearing! Thanks so much for making me smile. Helen

. Donkerman's picture

Amy A tear-in-the-eye-poem... It is beautiful and was taken on the journey - yes, I too rode a fish. Thank you. A beautiful poem from the pen of a master! Regards Donkerman

charisma's picture

what a wonderful write, I enjoyed your fairy dreams very much, I love the imagery within thoroughly. Charisma

bettieblue's picture

such a beautiful poem..with wonderful imagery..its a pleasure reading your work...

G. Sny's picture

This is a very lovely, well written poem. I liked it, and all of the imagery

Danielle Edwards's picture

You encompass such a gift to entwine reality and imagination together so perfectly in your words. im in complete awe of your work its unbelievably profound. Great writing!!

The Hook's picture

Dreams are wonderfully creative things, and add a certain mystic quality to every day life and its troubles....they help us keep moving forward, and give us a goal to strive for..... Love is also a magical, motivating force, and when combined with our dreams, it can heal our pains... yet it can also accentuate them as well... I do hope this beautiful dream, expressed in such dazzling style, was more uplifting than painful for you..... Great poetic artistry!!!!

Farah D's picture

Amy this is absolutely gorgeous! enjoyed it very much.

giajl's picture

I really liked this one . It seemed to leap out at me from the page. A missed opportunity,or a past life regrets. Beautiful either way.

Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!

Richard's picture

I really like your work and in times of despondency it only takes a short but glady received stroll into your postings to discover the world of which I dream of on starry nights. Thank-you Amy for sharing your gift.

Ashley Hommel's picture

That was greta. I was feeling so blue but now i'm kinda not.thanks can't wait to read more from ya

salphire5's picture

10-aug-00 dear amy, i read fairy dreams and i love it. so mystical... you definately have talent. i love that poem. keep on composing, your good. bye teresa

salphire5's picture

Hi Amy I loved this one heaps. The flaw and simplicity of it was wonderful. I really liked the words "Daffodil Sun". Hmmm, left a warm feeling inside. Thanks for sharing that one with us. Look forward to reading more of your work. Have a good day Roz :)

salphire5's picture

Its always nice to dream.....and to give a tribute to someone dear...even tho he aint close now.... Great one here...Smilesz.

salphire5's picture

Amy, wow....this was great....i really enjoyed your use of descriptive words and found myself caught up in the free flowing style you used....thankyou for posting this one, I look forward to reading more. Tanya

salphire5's picture

Amy, this was such a great poem.... I really enjoyed reading this.... what a fun poem... the starting line was awesome.... this had a nice flow and was a wonderful read.... what a light and easy thing to read after a hard day at work.... thank you for letting me know about this.... have a great day... and take care.....one final thought... you are truly a very talented lady.... Renee' :O)