Ballet White

The Arts

The maestro marks to take command.

The curtains rise upon demand.

The world breathes not, in silent rows.

The house lights fade to bright rainbows.

Therein amidst a cloud of tulle,

Laced tight in bone and bodice cruel,

The sylph in white, they came to see,

So captured in the dance is she.

She glides across the rosined floor

As faeries danced in fen and moor.

Airily poised in satin shoes,

Forsaking all to pay her dues.

Barely clothed in fragile romance,

Mankind yields to behold her dance.

Id and essence and crux align

In magic from her soul's design

The stage infused with her delight.

A pirouette, she does alight.

Soaring high, defying balance.

The earth surrenders to her trance.

Nobody knows the price she pays,

The sweat, the ache, the lonely days.

Imprisoned in those satin shoes,

She lives for dance, cocaine and booze.

The lights now rise. The stage is clear.

She takes a rose and sheds a tear.

The dance is served. She loves the fame.

The world is hers. It breathes her name.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Insight into professional ballet life.

To the dancers of Live Energy Dance Theatre, Windsor, Inc for carrying on & making me so proud of everything & everyone.Stay semi - pro & stay healthy, my darlings.

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Kristine Snow's picture

I keep thinking of the snow scene in Nutcracker.....where the Snow Queen comes out all in her white. So beautiful, so serene, so peaceful. But what is hidden behind that beauty?


Shaketa Copelin's picture

I'm in heaven over here! I'm glad I visited your page tonight! I had a great time! Thanks!

Karyn Indursky's picture

I am a fan of dance myself and you captured the beauty of her dance marvelously. You also pointed out her internal problems she suffers though as audiences are memorized in what they see, not her personality. I couldn't have done a better job myself. God bless you and please remember you are a treasure to me.

poetvg's picture

great work on this poem :*).

Richard.E.'s picture

Ah, Amy, you just get better with each new sacred stone you place on these pages.

Yes, I would believe this story for many professional artists. Semi-professional? Yes that sounds a whole let healthier! Though it is with the artist that sheds a part of themselves with they're practice that creates the trance, beauty and breathless piece that many aspire to. Though perhaps I should have kept that tooth at the dentists 3 hrs ago?

In appreciation of the beauty.


myrataal's picture

The Lonely Act of Fame ... Beautiful, descriptive poem ...

Somehow, I never associated ballet with cocaine ... but then, I really do not know a single thing about drugs ... :)

Keep well.

Myra @>~~~~>~~~~~~~~

Abritelite A's picture

I loved this poem, it not only told a story but between the lines there was a lonely and sad person lost in a world of their own.

Laryalee Fraser's picture

I must add my praise for this magnificent poem! Truly a delight to read again and again..... such beauty and sadness, mixed together... Lary

Mona Omar's picture

amy this poem is lovely my favourite :)

Melvin Lee's picture

I read and commented on this work a few months ago, Amy...but as i read it just now, the sheer beauty of it is STILL breathtaking.~!~ Smilesz. Definitely a wondrous and rare gem to behold, this poem of yours/.. Your dedication to your art and your company...and your flair in poetry...all brought into this fusion of exhilarating elegance. WOWOOWW (again)....

The Hook's picture

Absolutely breathtaking imagery, and overwhelming passions for the beauty of the show, tempered by the reality of the painful sacrifices.... Your dancing flow is much as the ballet you portray, gliding effortlessly, with the strength of deep understanding, and sweeping compassion... Beautiful in every way!!!

Farah D's picture

"She glides across the rosined floor As faeries danced in fen and moor. Airily poised in satin shoes, Forsaking all to pay her dues." ahh! such beauty! Amy! this is a special one! and I know that when I go to see the ballet next..hopefully just after Christmas, I shall enjoy it ever more for having read you wonderful words.

Edwin Robinette's picture

Great piece of work!! A kind of behind the scenes look at the price of being one of the best! It's not easy!! This is one enjoyable poem, loved it!

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Amy, This poem is the bomb~!~ I loved it, Amy. It is engrossing, bringing the reader to an ending that doesn't let them down...all the elements. Very great writing. I mean awesome! Beautiful. I was sucked right into the whole piece. Yes, it is good to have you back posting, Amy! I loved this piece. :) Very excellent.

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Amy Well, I am glad I took the time to read this piece. I truly great piece of poetry there. Such excellence .... you captured your audience well and kept them entertained. Thanks for sharing. :) Cya Roz

pudnsis1's picture

This is really great, It's a beautiful piece of writing.

pudnsis1's picture

OHyes..i agree with Renee, those 4 lines of the 6th stanza is so powerful...brings across such strong imageries to the reader... and yes, one of the great works by u Amy...glad i read this one...smilesz....Do keep it up!!!

pudnsis1's picture

Amy, I am so glad that you told me of this poem.... man what a tribute to those that dance.... the flow in this one is just wonderful.... and the imagery is sparkling... you can just see the lady gliding across the floor... you can feel the pain and loneliness that she must suffer .... this is the greatest thing that I have ever read from you Amy.... thank God you are back and posting again.... take care and I look forward to your next post.... :O) I just want to say that although I loved the complete poem... my favorite part would have to be.... and I feel that this is what we all take for granted when we watch a ballet or ice skating or any of that.... this is my favorite : Nobody knows the price she pays,The sweat, the ache, the lonely days. Imprisoned in those satin shoes, She lives for dance, cocaine and booze. That is a powerful message there.... I am just in awe of your talent.... thank you for sharing this poem with the group. Have a great one .... Renee'