Alphabet City

All on the Avenue Authorities Authorize Armageddon

Betta Be 'Bout that Bank, Balla, without Bail Bad karma gettin

Crafty Chillin with Cheddar while Cheesin, Cakin, in the City

Dreams of Dollars, Dwellin in Da Dirt, a Damn pity

Each and Everyone Earnin a hard buck, Eatin for Eternity

Fuck the Flim Flam, you Floss, Fail, your Friends Vs. currency

Goody-Goody, let's Get the Guns, Girls, Gas up the GMC

Hittin up Hundreds of Hoes in Heat can Harvest HIV

Intentionally Irresponsible Investing In the Ills of Intamacy

Jokin and Jivin Just Jinxes your Jurisdiction to Jittery

Killed Kindreds for Karats and Keys, shit ain't Kool-Aid or Ketchup

Least Likely to Listen to the Lord so he Lays Low or he's next up

Morgue? Mausoleum? Murder can Manifest to Monotonous Mayhem

Navigators Nestled up Nicely in Nashville, Nigga knows how to place em

Ominously Outweighed the Odds Offensively On that Ocotber night

Paulette is Pregnant yet Plays her Position to Prevent his Plight

Questions are Quoted Quickly to his Queen in Quarantine

Restless and Retired, but Resorted to Remain Remote for her king

Somehow a Snitch Snuck and leaked Stories to help Surrender a Suspect

Tensions Tune up in a Timeless Trap by The Tattling from someone he Trusted

Until Uniformed officers United with Undercovers serves him Under arrest

Violence from the Volvo Vehicle ensues as he Voids the Vest

Wondering Why or When the Ways of the Wild Wired him

Xanthine got X-rayed by Officer Xavier who retired em

Yeah dude was Young, 20 Years Yet forever in the shit

Zany tales of the Zoo equals a Zillion body bags.......ZIP

Alphabet City.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fictional story.

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A hot slept-on product. Feedback needed.

Jara's picture

Very creative. Great alliteration. Yet there was meaning in the words.