Dirty Laundry


will sit around and build and accumulate,

if you don't clean up your act

so get out, find yourself a new atmosphere

take every bad inhibition, negativitity,

insecurity, heartbreak,

sadness, poor judgements,

stress-related illness,

mental and emotional abuse.....

then use 1 1/3 cup of strength

a full capsule of encouragement,

pour in some confidence, and last but not least....

shake up that spin cycle by loving yourself....

tumble dry low, with your head up high

rinse out all the unhealthy factors that befall you

and a new you hangs to dry....

ahh...so fresh, so clean.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

You must have felt at least a little better after writing this piece. It seems like a lot to get off your chest whether it's fictional or real. If it is real you get the last slap in the face with a blazing poem, but if it fictional you truly expressed your ability to be creative and vivid.

Shaketa Copelin's picture

Very creative and uplifting all in the same token!

Allwayz Willin's picture

Another tight write from a very gifted dude. After reading this, I might come up with a good poem the next time my socks get lost in the washer lol.