Birthday Suit

The Passion Files

Physically fit is what I want you to be

I got a you want to work out with me?

I have a regiment that's known to do the trick

I must warn you, if you're not careful, you may end up sick

Love sick, I must say I'm hungry for that thang

maintaining much stamina like a prized mustang

we can use cough drops to heighten the senses

Altoids, Halls menthol to help unlock those fences

your twin peaks shine more than the average video bling

allow me to whisper and tell you what to bring

your bare self, towels, whipped cream, cherries, berries...

creating my own personal cake, caramel ecstacy

I see you have sporting equipment of your own

clean shaven and puckered stimulating the vessels in my bone

you carry a deep secret, one that only Victoria holds

surrounded by sweet succulent skin made of gold

You may use frosting and fillings of your heart's desire

whatever it takes to rekindle our passion's fire

listening to your wishes echoing from your lips

for in your fountain of love, I want to take a sip

I have the intentions of using every muscle in my physique

delicately put....drain you till your body is weak

You know I'm not looking for praise, recognition or fame

before you blow out that candle.......


*Dec. 2003

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