Words Untrue

love and hate


Words untrue, what you say

Just to make the pain go away,

I used to trust them like the sky is blue,

And yet your words where so untrue,

Untrue words that I’ve heard

 I’ll never leave,

You’re the only one for me.

 Such strong words

 You always used,

Just to leave me cold and bruised.

Like times before,

You walk out the door.

So here I am very stunned,

 How you could be so heartless,

Cold and crude

 Like your words untrue.

How could I fall in love with you?

Your heart is dark,

 Words untrue you’ll always be dark and blue.

Untrue words will get you so far,

 That you won’t know who you are,

 The scares you left

With words untrue will heal very soon.

When they do you

You’ll see the joke was never on me.

Seeing what words untrue can really do

Will never use them like you do,

Your words untrue

Fading fast

You will be a memory

In the past








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sanctus's picture

great work

great work

MARGOT's picture

well done

nicely writtren ans even more pleasing to read from the 5 poems, u actually took the lead, if u are as nice as u words u won`t have difficulties to find another soul mate who words will actually be trueful. ;)

blessing herve

Visual poet/ Libertine lost in a labyrinth of complexities, methaphors, searching for the essence/ Ink of life/ death to spell my syphilistic words on the page/ screen.