Once again

love and hate

Once again I’m found alone,

Once again I watched you go, without care to how it felt.

Every time you packed to leave,

I saw a stair of curiosity.

Why you do this you don’t know,

That’s why I don’t blame you and let you go.

My love is not for fun and games as well with yours the same.

Twister your favorite game it always goes the same,

We bend some more from dot to dot,

With you always leaving my spot

  filled with lots doubt of how to feel inside without.

Now that I have felt the blade it will remind me how to love again.

I look back to all the time’s you said your love was mine,

You said it pure and drew it too,

So lovely you wrote it, but were it all true.

So now I wait for all the poison darts,

You throw at me when were apart,

All I have is love for you

Because it comes from one so true,

Only you can have my an eternal flame,

Hoping it stays bright keeping you

Forever by my side,

Til death & beyond 

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MARGOT's picture

don`t give up

there is many types of loves and rejoice in this thoughts...

don`t be sad, we all had our fair share of broken hearts, one day when u least expected it, somebody else face will bring u a smile on u face and a warm feeling in u heart again.

blessings herve

Visual poet/ Libertine lost in a labyrinth of complexities, methaphors, searching for the essence/ Ink of life/ death to spell my syphilistic words on the page/ screen.