When I Lost My Heart To You

You lured me into your eyes

to drink my obsession,
With a little smile
i fall in temptation,
Here i am high of you,
Crying for your kisses,
Staggering to one side to the other,
Little by little
i forget my words,
From your eyes i melt
and your kisses sobers me.

Author: Gavin Sebake
©16 September 2017 - SA

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allets's picture

Sobering Kisses

Nice view from your perspective and your emotional responses - sentimentally rendered, a solid poem - slc



Cascade's picture

You got it bad and you wrote

You got it bad and you wrote it desperately. Love is a crazy drug. Love the emotion

daniela.co1937's picture

Love this

I just cried, it´s very good!

KyrenGee's picture

replying to a comment

Thank you

Rey Gavin Sebake