Without You


I am broken separated from my pieces,

I littered the ground with my sadness,

Melting the face of my beloved ones, 
Trying to help but end up dirty from my litterings, 
Doctors tried but failed to repair my broken heart,
I becamed the famous topic to the society,
I was there lying on the ground waiting for the wind to take me,
That surely would've been better than these days of misery,
I am chained with my sadness, 
Blocking my ways but leading to my end,
Here i lie without words,
Regrets are uplifted and the sky is way far beyond my existence,
I am torn from the breaking,
All because i lost you,
My breath, my favorite obsession, The love of my life, 
Reveal yourself for me,
Have mercy on my breath,
Let me not taste this sadness again, 
Let me not suffer again without you.

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This is such an accurate

This is such an accurate description of the aftermath of breaking up with my first love (whom I did not get over until I met my second wife, fourteen years later).  This poem is so precise it is almost eerie.  I applaud your accomplishment in this poem.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.

J9thxciv [fkna, Starward], 

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Thank you so much, very glad you like it 

Rey Gavin Sebake

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Cool Line

"...Have mercy on my breath..." I like this line. Very unique. - Lady A -




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Thank you

Rey Gavin Sebake