The Sorbitol Symphony

Wayward Motions

I tried to find you here

The words were so clear

       in my mind

I pulled and pulled to find


And And and you were

Unique. Abused. Broken.


I scale the walls of

this sorbitol creation.

This bittersweet agony,

           you kill me.

The empty space;

The empty vessel;

The empty heart;

I found your shadow.

The corpse it left behind,

withered; a wasted mass

of molecules and atoms.

You still had your eyes

But even they didn't shine.

                              We held hands

                 You came apart like dust in the wind

                              We made love

                 I drowned in the burrows of your heartland

I faintly recall what you said-

Something about Souls and Stalemates?

Or was it soulmates...?

No matter, we are No longer-

And the musicians have all gone home.

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