Its fun to hear ice

when it hits hot tea


it cracks and screams

then slowly melts away


Why is it it disappears

in to nowhere


like dad did to mom

and mom did to me


now im cold and left alone

to be swallowed into the unknown .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is my first poem on this site 

i changed it alittle. 

                     the origanal title  was its fun 

but i liked tea much better 

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anflanagan's picture

You show great promise

Your work reminds me of when I first started writing. I admire that you are staying true to yourself, and I love your honesty-- Writing is like personal therapy. Keep writing, stay true, and everything else will follow. I look forward to your future work. 

demigodess's picture

this is really deep, i like

this is really deep, i like how its short but it explains a lot. i feels really emotional, like most of your work, you have a very good way of saturating your poems with feeling, i think you should try to make them longer tho, maybe go into a bit more detail yea?

~Grass is green~ <^>

sparks's picture

i think i should try to make

i think i should try to make it longer.... but once i have a poem in my head i ether cant think of any way to change it or else I will change to much of the poem to were its completely different 

day dreamer

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that happens to me often, it

that happens to me often, it is a hard process, i am just barely gettin the hang of it lol if im getting the hang of it at all :)

~Grass is green~ <^>