I need to walk to work.  Fortunately, it’s only a short 5 minute stroll around a couple blocks.  It’s a cold January morning and a cool breeze is asserting its presence.  I breathe in the cool air and clutch the paperback copy of Leaves of Grass.  A few naked trees wave their branches at me. They’re almost intimidating without the leaves.  They are no doubt hurling poetic interjections my way but I am completely oblivious.  I’m not awake enough to receive their message. Maybe I should have tossed down another cup of java.


But lo and behold, I come upon my stop sign.  Like a dutiful scout, I stop and look both ways.  There are a few vehicles on the road.  Someone is blasting Iron Maiden in a small Ford Pinto.  It’s not even someone I know.  I turn left to find even more wind blowing right in my face.  


A dog fenced in his yard greets me with threatening barks.  I try to offer a hand of friendship but he remains vigilant.  I just laugh at me and wave him off.  We’ll be friends eventually if I hold on to this job for any length of time.  I am almost there.  He is always there.  I guess that’s our difference.


I can see the entrance to my warehouse.  I’m 6 minutes ahead of punch in time.  A final breeze goes right through me before I enter my destination.  It was a decent walk so I’m hopeful the day won’t be so bad.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've had three different jobs that were less than a 10 minute walk.  It was nice.

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The Places

and people are remembered - and the setting with barkings attached :D slc



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It's a nice luxury if you can

It's a nice luxury if you can walk to work