I found myself watching BBC a lot.  The hotel room in Tel Aviv boasted of their satellite TV with over 200 channels.  But most of the channels were in languages I could not understand.  The two primary English choices were the BBC and Russia Today.


I can go to Israel to hear Putin’s take on the world.  There was an Indian channel which provided English subtitles and a German channel showing American movies dubbed into German.  


There was no shortage of news channels in a variety of languages.  If you like watching Arabic men yelling at each other in a language you don’t understand then this package would really be up your ally.


Of course, if you’re traveling in Israel, there are better things to do than watching TV in a room.  I guess they were making sure that I took that stroll down to Jaffa or hired a sharoot to go to Jerusalem.


Otherwise, it was right back to Arabic men yelling at each other in a language I don’t understand.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a few notes on the state of Israeli television

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Your travel poems become instructive. In a foreign country, do not do what you normally do, do something else and build the experience base. I tried Brithish tv once, but it was in English -  :D slc



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Hopefully I learn as I go but

Hopefully I learn as I go but I can never be too sure

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200 Channels

Television is like that all around the world.

200 channels of information

you do not what to know

and images you do not what to see,

insisting that you watch them

like spoiled children demanding attention. 


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good times though

good times though