“Rarely does my shit stink.” He informed me.  This odd statement was made by a friend sharing a hotel room with me.  It was after a Dead show in Buffalo.


The issue that precipitated this startling proclamation was the significant damage I did to the hotel bathroom.  The ventilator was working overtime in a futile effort.  Sometimes, you just need some passage of time to get relief.


I felt no guilt for my transgression.  A parking lot veggie burrito is likely to cause some gastronomical grief.  He continued to alert me to the fact that his farts were also not that bad.  I was greatly amused.  We’ve all heard the expression that so and so thinks their shit don’t stink.  


This was my first time hearing someone actually make the statement—and he wasn’t even a vegan.  They’re usually the delusional folk that think their shit and sweat is heavenly.


My experience has been that shit generally does stink.  It’s supposed to stink.  It’s waste being expelled from the body.  Human beings are an imperfect species and this is a one of those things we have to endure.  


I could have argued with my friend on this matter but it really didn’t seem worthwhile.  Some people can’t look in the mirror and see their own blemishes.  Apparently some of us can’t smell our own shit either.  I know we’re supposed to always be seeking out truth.  But after some of my more brutal offerings to the tidy bowl, I think I’m a bit jealous of those that can selectively attach clothespins to their noses.




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Truth Searching

Sounds like a thing. I should try that. Best shit poem ever! :D slc



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I eat too much spicy food to

I eat too much spicy food to harbor such delusions but it is always interesting to see how people view themselves.