Feeling deep lust and passion for a woman that I used to know.  I still do know here but we know longer communicate.  It’s just a thought dream that centralizes in my brain and sends signals throughout my body.  I envision her in my arms; slowly, passionately we kiss.  We drink the wind and dance to throbbing salsa music.  I can not shake her image from my mind.  My thoughts continue to revert to her.  My hand can nearly feel her shoulder as the imagining begins to intensify.  But I can not reach her.  In light or in dark, I can not reach her.  I have only my memory & visions percolating through my brain.  The lingering feelings conjure silhouette images of her in the moonlight.  I can not find her.  I can not reach her.  All that remains is that singular image impressed on my consciousness.  I have found that I can not shake it.


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some older notes on a gone but not forgotten young lady

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Not Forgotten

Pleasasnt remembrances are precious - and a bit sad - slc



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poignant is such a good word

poignant is such a good word but I never think of it in time.