There’s a crawfish festival held at NOLA Brewing Company in the Spring.  This is an awesome brewery in the crescent city.  It’s also a great event.  They have a large tasting room and outdoor drinking and dining. They also provide live music for this event.


I was hanging out with a friend and enjoying the scene.  The legendary George Porter Jr was providing musical treats.  We enjoyed a big basket of crawfish.  But we wanted to sit down at a table inside to relax a moment.  There was an empty table with a bomber of a NOLA beer called Sauvage. This is a Belgian pale ale style brewed with Brettanomyces yeast.  This is a unique yeast that imparts some very distinct and funky flavors to the beer.


We sit down with our own beers.  We figure we can always move if someone comes back to claim the table.  We just look at the Sauvage beer sitting there.  The beer was opened but it was barely touched.  We determined that we wouldn’t touch the beer in case the rightful owner returned.  It was strange to find a nearly full beer on an open table.


“Maybe, it was abandoned.” I offer.


“It could be.  Do you think we should drink it?”


“Maybe we should wait a little while.  I could see someone not liking it.  It’s a funky style.  It might be over the top for a lot of drinkers.”


We have our own beers to drink anyway but it starts to become obvious that the beer was abandoned.  It’s been nearly 40 minutes.  It starts to become clear that we have a duty to greater honor of beer to consume this neglected beverage.


We make the decision to drink it.  It would be tragic to let this artisanal beer go to waste.  I get a couple plastic cups from the watercooler.  I begin to pour the beer.  We tell ourselves that we’re not stealing the beer.  We are heroically making sure this beer gets the chance to become somebody’s urine.  It should be okay as long as nobody poisoned the beer.


“Maybe they dropped a Mickey in it.” I mockingly suggest.


“It should be okay,” my friend states, “as long as they didn’t piss in it or anything.”


“It’s a brett beer.”  I answer, “We wouldn’t know if they peed in it.”


We both laugh heartily at the comment. We’re also amused because only a hardcore beer geek would get that joke.  Most people would just be looking at you like “What?”


And like true beer geeks, we continued to drink the beer.  We couldn’t be sure if it was peed in but we were damn sure  going to guarantee that it would be peed out.




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