Sitting in

an Irish pub

& drinking Guinness

in a pint glass

getting pretty tanked up

and feeling really blissful

when I sees me a lady

of the first degree


my eyes rivet

to her Celtic eyes

spinning reels and jigs for me


till all is said & done

the cloud bubble bursts

& I remain still


my face reflected

in the beer

does not a pretty sight 

pose at this moment


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bishu's picture

Mr George

my friend somewhere.... a cool beer is welcome anytime... Nice writing



georgeschaefer's picture

What do they say?  It's 5:00

What do they say?  It's 5:00 somewhere.  (nothing better than a 5:00 AM beer) LOL

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Reflections In A Beer Glass

You never know what the lady is going to see. I should drink more beer :D  ~ Lady A ~



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apparently, not enough

apparently, not enough