Buffalo is

a strange town

but it ain’t

really too bad


I’m only here

For a show

And I’m hoping

it’ll be as

painless as possible


but sitting

in a Holiday Inn

drinking a beer

I can’t really

get too concerned


I still have

5 more beers

left in the cooler


I also have

a gram of hash—

or actually

just under a gram


the TV is tuned

to a PBS station

it’s a special

on Buddhism


I suck down

my beer

and watch

dancing Buddhists

perform a ceremony


My purpose is

to see a show

the following day

but I wanna 

feel good tonight


and with that

in mind

I fill a bowl

and fire it up


I finish off

my beer and

pop open another


I smoke the bowl

and feel a buzz

coming on


Buddhism seems

more interesting now

but I doubt 

that I could 

ever convert


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Beer And A Bowl

religion enuf ~s~



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religion is fine when taken

religion is fine when taken in moderation