Whenever I mention Bill Burroughs

I am occasionally asked,

“Isn’t that the guy who wrote Tarzan?”


And I’m like,

“Well, um, no,

Edgar Rice Burroughs

was the guy that wrote Tarzan.”


William Seward Burroughs

is a horse of a different colour.

It’s a hard one to explain

so I usually don’t


but the sad thing is:

it’s actually impressive
that some few folks even

know who Edgar Rice Burroughs was.


The decline of civilization

is upon us. 

What more proof do you need?

It remains for history to judge

which Burroughs will hold

a more significant place.


I know where

I’m placing my bet.






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U No Me

From Internet: "William S. Burroughs was born on February 5, 1914, in St. Louis, Missouri, and became one of the founding figures of the Beat Movement. An addict for years, he crafted books like Junky and Naked Lunch, which were harrowing, often grotesque looks at drug culture. He is cited as a major influence on countercultural figures in the world of music as well and worked on several recording projects. Burroughs died in Kansas in 1997."



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also an adding machine

also an adding machine