“Fuck you!

Feed the Homeless.”


Fuck you! 

Feed the homeless.”


I hear the man shouting

as he sits on the concrete steps

holding his cardboard sign

requesting alms


Not a great sales pitch

But completely honest mantra


He was drinking Bud Ice

I don’t have any loose change

I don’t have any food

I don’t even have 

a better beer to offer him


I just walk on

blocking out the insults

In 15 minutes I’ll

be quaffing a Narragansett


I’m doing better than him

but really wonder

by how much


“Fuck you!

Feed the homeless.”

I can still hear his mantra

slowly fading 

as I turn the corner


Hopefully, someone

will offer him a donut

or a cup of coffee


Maybe later,

if he’s still there

I can be that guy,

I tell myself

to pacify my guilt


“Fuck you!

Feed the homeless.”


The mantra continues

to echo in my ears.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written recently while walking down the street in Center City Philly.  After meeting my new friend, I felt compelled to get out my notepad and pen and jot this down while walking to my destination.

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Some of them are there just

Some of them are there just to remind us. It is work to sit out there like that. Ever try it? If only for a beer to numb the pain of the struggle. Oh and then try getting a job without an address. Try setting up camp only to see it all taken away. Try living in a car and being told it is illegal to sleep over night in it.  It's a long hard road. Sometimes a person just need a beer.



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Good Public Relaitons

Guilt em outta a a burger or a dollar. :D



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guilt them into signing their

guilt them into signing their life away

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I Used To

Offer to take them to a restaurant, but they wanted the cash for wine or drugs. In Detroit road side solicitors with a sign were takeing in hundreds weekly. Its worth remembering it times turn. slc