The sign provided fair warning:


Be careful
going down the steps.

It’s a narrow passageway

& you might clunk your head.


Of course,

you’re serving high octane beers

to hardcore drunks

& watching clueless folks

getting well lit.


I wonder how many fools

mind their step
but forget to mind their head.

If they have hidden cameras

they probably have

 a really good bloopers video.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by a photo on the stairway at Mikeller and Friends in Reykjavik. I'm not going to post how to pronounce the title since I don't speak Icelandic but it does translate to "mind your head." I am a bit demented but I find this kind of stuff funny.

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"Mind your head"

Is a great sign - a found bit of humor - :D



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The Dutch used to have

The Dutch used to have announcements to mind your step in the airport when you were coming to the end of the moving sidewalks.  I want to keep my head and my step.