I can't wax nostalgic

for penny candy stores

although I remember five and dimes

and I have encountered

rusty wheelbarrows

and enjoyed plums before main course


I'm left to fabricate my own myth

and find some meaning

in an upturned beer glass

and a single cannabis seed

sitting alone on a coffee table


Beer coasters boast my travels

but Neapolitan ice cream

is the only thing to lift my spirits

and I must look ahead

to plot out a new course.

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I Miss Penny Candy

I also miss two for a penny candy. :D Nostalgia stuff like Old Mother Gray's Worm Medicine. - slc



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It's sad that I remember some

It's sad that I remember some of this stuff but there you have it.

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I vaguely remember the brand

I vaguely remember the brand but I think I used the other brand of cool whip by my parent's selection.