The upstairs room

at the Mütter Museum

reminds me

of old Masonic meeting rooms


and since I was

an Odd Fellow once

I might actually know


Of course,

I only joined

in a naïve attempt

to get closer

to an estranged father


so I went to meetings

and endured

the corny rituals


they didn’t drink

like Stonecutters

or form “No Homer” rules


They weren’t bad chaps

even if they did

bury my father

without informing me the date


I’m sure I’ve been


voted out due 

to non payment of dues

in spite their fondness

for my pop


I did make my peace

with my father

before the old man kicked


as for the group

I’m an odder fellow

than any of them 

could ever hope to be


and I don’t even try.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Actually a true story

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I Was Reading About Masons

a while back. A recurring theme. - slc

Lady A


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odd fellows is a different

odd fellows is a different fraternity but there are similarities to the masons